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IBSE Electrical Training Institute WELCOMES YOUNG ENGINEERS. IBSE is a top among the best Electrical Training Institutes in Hyderabad, It has been established in the year 2007,


As per present market survey, we have found that the demand of the Electrical and Electronics Engineers is more in the jobs market, and employment of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is projected to grow by four percent but the competent Engineers are not available in the market just because lack of present technical and industrial knowledge, they are not having technical skills to meet the present industrial demands. So to bridge that gap we have designed a course after doing the extensive research on present industrial demand and after discussing with the industrial experts and employers. We have found that the thousands of Electrical and Electronics Engineers are required.

The role of the Electrical and Electronics Engineer is not only confined up to these limits.

The development of any country totally depends upon energy production and Consumption of any country. The duty of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is filling the blood in the veins of any industry and making it to run continuously.

The areas where Electrical and Electronics Engineers are required

1. Construction companies.
2. Generating stations.
3. Substations.
4. Transmission lines.
5. Distribution lines.
6. Solar industries.
7. Infra structures.
8. Hospitals.
9. Hyper malls.
10. Air ports.
11. Cement industries.

12. Agricultural industries.
13. Food industries.
14. Polymer industries.
15. Ceramics industries.
16. Sugar industries.
17. Pharmaceutical industries.
18. Fertilizer industries.
19. Petroleum.
20. High raise buildings.
21.Automobiles industries.

Many more………..
The Electrical training institute provides different courses to study. Candidates don't just have to focus on only one course. One such course provided by Electrical training is electrical building services. All of the Candidates who took this course are very happy with it. They found the environment very pleasant and peaceful to study.
IBSE was established in the year 2007 for the betterment of the Candidates. It provides training courses for Diploma, B.E/B-Tech candidates in the field of designing and drafting of industrial commercial and domestic wiring it starts from 11kv/440v or 220v. The main course content is electrical Design Manual for residential, commercial and industrial areas up to 33kv/11KV and 11kv/440v or 220v voltage level 33kv/11kv 66kv/33kv 110kv/66kv 220kv/110substations solar power plants Generating stations.

The course is sub divided into following chapters:

1. General backgrounds.
2. Codes and standards to be followed.
3. Transformer sizing and installation
4. Total connected load calculation.
5. Cable and wire sizing and installations.
6. Conduit selection and installation.
7. Circuit breakers selection and installation.
8. Capacitors bank sizing and installations.
9. Chemical earthing and installation.
10. Lighting protection and installation.
11. Domestic solar power plant.
12. Commercial solar power plant.
13. Low current designing and installation.
14. Generating stations details.
15. Transmission lines details.
16. Substations details.
17. Distributions lines details.
Many facilities are provided by IBSE electrical training institute in Hyderabad. The high end facilities provided for the Candidates. We have well qualified and experienced trainers. They are ready to help the Candidates in any way as they can. The institute is well furnished and designed and well equipped with computer lab and high speed net connectivity.
The training is as per international standards and codes,

The candidates are fully satisfied by the training and trainers of IBSE,

The Electrical and Electronics Engineers who got trained from IBSE institute are recruited by the following companies.

1. Al Rajhi Construction LLC
2. Arabian Technical Services
3. Acciona Infrastructures
4. Alfowriya Trading And Contracting WLL
5. Anwar Soura General Contracting Company LTD
6. Almarai Company
7. Black Cat Engineering And Construction
8. Bechtel Corporation
9. Century Horizon Metal Industries
10. Dubai Electricity And Water Authority
11. Desco Engineering
12. Energy And Power Contracting co.Ltd
13. National Cement Corporation

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Students - Feedback

It's an excellent institute with well experienced and talented Faculties. Good coordination with students. IBSE provide very friendly teaching environment. Working as a design engineer in NAFFCO (KSA)

Ghouse uddin Mahmood, M.Tec in Mechanical

it's a very good institute with very experienced and talented lecturers and Teaching friendly. Working as a design engineer in (KSA)

Sayyad Naushad Hussain, B.Tec in Mechanical

Best institute for HVACs and plumbing design engineering. Working as a design engineer in (KSA)

Mohammad Abdul Khalid, B.Tec in Mechanical